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BUNZABURO offers bags in a variety of Shibori shapes, sizes, and carrying options.
The bags come in many different colors, so you can enjoy collecting your favorite bags.

Petit Bags: Very popular series with the unique design and amazing stretchability

Mini-Mini Petit Bags: Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but stretchable petit bags

Bai-Shibori Bags: Our signature crescent-shaped bags, fashionable with large spiky shibori 

Pom-Pom Bags: Series of large and small round and flat circular shibori handbags

Tote Bags: Collections of larger bags that can be freely used on the shoulder or cross-body.

Shoulder Bags: Collections of petite and charm shoulder bags

WATAKUMO Bags: The bags with light and elegant shibori

Other Bags: The bags that don't belongs to the above categories