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00BK All Black
00KW Pure White
00LY Yellow shade
00VR Vivid Red
0RB1 Deep Blue
The exterior is made of polyester organza material with a matte texture and transparency, and the interior is made of glossy polyester satin. By overlapping two different materials, a surprise was born that could not be predicted from the appearance alone. The moment you open the bag, the vivid colors of the inner fabric that catches your eye will surely lift your mood. Because of the double stitching, even if you put a lot inside, the tightness of the tie-dye will be maintained.
Laundry is easy by putting it in the washing net and using the washing machine.


Material: Polyester 100%

Size (including handles): 20cm W x 35cm H
Size (maximum including handles): 30cm W x 45cm H

Made in Japan

*The size may vary slightly depending on the material and the type of shibori process.
*The colors on the screen and the actual product's colors may be slightly different.
*This product is not suitable for carrying heavy items.


Product ID:
00BK All Black : AB661100BK
00KW Pure White : AB661100KW
00LY Yellow shade : AB661100LY
00VR Vivid Red : AB661100VR
0RB1 Deep Blue : AB66110RB1

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