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BUNZABURO is a brand of Katayama Bunzaburo Shoten, a tie-dye specialty store established in 1914. The unique and bold designs that take advantage of the unevenness of tie-dyeing form an entirely new "wearable art," a fusion of fashion and art. The brand fashionably sublimated "Tie-dye," which had spread from hippie culture to the rest of the world and made a comeback as a trend in recent years as a form of Shibori.

We continue to pursue the possibilities offered by traditional tie-dyeing and propose products suited to modern life.

*Our products are not mass-produced, but are made one by one by craftsmen. Once sold out, it may take some time to recreate the product. After receiving your order, we may have to wait for many months before the product is delivered to you. Thank you for your understanding.

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