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LRSV/13 Pink
RGD/16 Red
CGD/1 Pure Gold
GD1 9 Gold
BRGD/7 Brown Gold
BSV/3S Blue Silver
BGD/3 Blue Gold
GGD/10 Green
CSV/6 Pure Silver
BKSV/12 Black Silver
CBK/15 Black

We have prepared a small size bag with a shiny and metallic material. The point is that the fabric has elasticity and the double structure makes it difficult for the shape to collapse. Instead of a pouch in a gorgeous seat. It is also nice to put it in a PVC bag and use it. Light and convenient to carry. This item is recommended not only for yourself but also as a gift.

As it is made of polyester, it is a nice point to be able to wash it with water. (The color on the screen and the color of the actual product may be slightly different)

Material:Polyester 100%
Size (shrinked) 20 cm wide x 20 cm long
Size (maximum):25 cm wide x 23 cm long
* Please note that some errors may occur depending on the material and squeezing method.

Design/Dyeing:Japan, Drawing:China

* The size specifications are measured without putting anything in it.

item no.
LRSV 13 Pink: AB6567LRSV
RGD 16 Red: AB65670RGD
CGD 1 Pure Gold: AB65670CGD
BRGD 7 Brown Gold: AB6567BRGD
BSV 3S Blue Silver: AB65670BSV
BGD 3 Blue Gold: AB65670BGD
GGD 10 Green: AB65670GGD
CSV 6 Pure Silver: AB65670CSV
BKSV 12 Black Silver: AB6567BKSV
CBK 15 Black: AB65670CBK

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