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Light Green x Light Brown Mix
Blue x Green Mix
Blue Mix
Blue x Brown Mix
Rose x Orange Mix

Our long-selling scarves are now back in stock in a variety of colors. These scarves are loved for their soft and fluffy texture. They are made with silk chiffon with a rounded shibori texture. They resemble flowers and their small size is suitable for both casual and formal styling. This scarf makes for a perfect treat for yourself or as a thoughtful gift.

Material: 100% silk

Designed and dyed in Japan, and shibori is processed in China.

*There are cases where it looks as if there is a hole at the tip of the tie in some parts of the fabric. If so, the thread of the fabric just opened up but was not torn. This is unavoidable when using thin fabrics for the shibori process, which involves winding the thread by pressing the fabric hard against the needle.
* Colors on the screen may differ slightly from the actual product.
* Please note that there may be slight deviations in size due to the material and the shibori process.
* Please use a petroleum-based dry cleaning service, and do not wash with household dry-cleaning products.
* Due to the nature of the dyeing process and the use of natural materials, the color of this product may fade with moisture or sweat, and the tie may stretch.
* To maintain the three-dimensional effect of the shibori, please keep it away from moisture.

Product ID
Red: SC47410634
Orange: SC47410881
Light Green x Light Brown Mix: SC57620670
Blue x Green Mix: SC57620776
Blue Mix: SC57621067
Blue x Brown Mix: SC57621359
Rose x Orange Mix: SC57621636

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