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2055 Black
2056 White
2057 Blue
2058 Red
2059 Purple
2060 Green
2061 Sky Blue
2062 Pink
2245 118 White

We processed soft, matte polyester chiffon with a bai shibori, sewn into a tubular shape. Both the front and back have their beauty so that you can enjoy it in any number of ways. The elasticity of the shibori can be gently stretched from the fingertips to the wrist. Wear it wide to make it gorgeous, or round it to make your wrist slender.

Material: 100% Polyester

Designed and dyed: Japan
Shibori process: China

Machine washable using a laundry mesh bag. Hang dry in the mesh bag or flat dry to prevent stretching the Shibori texture.
*Colors on the screen and the actual product may differ slightly.
*Sizes may vary slightly depending on the material and the type of shibori process.

Product ID:
2055/FBK Black: SC60652055
2056/2 White: SC60652056
2057/240 Blue: SC60652057
2058/3 Red: SC60652058
2059 Purple: SC60652059
2060 Green: SC60652060
2061 Sky Blue: SC60652061
2062 Pink: SC60652062
2245 118 White: SC60652245