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BKK Black x White
292 Green x Blue
512 Blue
600 Gray x Ivory

A necklace with fine spiky texture created by the bai shibori process. The small "circle" is the foundation of our neckpieces, and we offer them in various widths. Gently stretch it out and pass it from your head to your neck. Enjoy the beauty of the colors and the uniqueness. The front and back have their beauty to enjoy this piece differently. You can use it as a neck warmer, too. 

Material: 100% Silk
Size: One size fits all
* Please note that there may be slight deviations due to the material and the shibori process.
Designed and dyed in Japan, and shibori is processed in China.

* Colors on the screen may differ slightly from the actual product.

* Please use a petroleum-based dry cleaning service, and do not wash with household dry-cleaning products.
* Due to the nature of the dyeing process and the use of natural materials, the color of this product may fade with moisture or sweat, and the tie may stretch.
* To maintain the three-dimensional effect of the shibori, please be careful not to let it get wet.

item no.
BKK Black x White : SC5193WHBK
292 Green x Blue : SC51930292
512 Blue : SC51930512
600 Gray x Ivory : SC51930600