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BK Black x White
600 Gray x Ivory
512 Blue
292 Green x Blue
417 Black
85 Purple

The scarf is sewn in the shape of a snood. You can wrap it as a single layer, a double layer, or asymmetrically, or use a rubber band to create a variety of different shapes. Have fun with it! The entire scarf is finished with an elegant wave-like and stripe-like pattern using the "mokume" shibori technique.

Material: 100% Silk
Size: One size fits all

Designed and dyed in Japan, and shibori is processed in China.

* Colors on the screen may differ slightly from the actual product.
* Please note that there may be slight deviations in size due to the material and the shibori process.
* Please use a petroleum-based dry cleaning service, and do not wash with household dry-cleaning products.
* Due to the nature of the dyeing process and the use of natural materials, the color of this product may fade with moisture or sweat, and the tie may stretch.
* To maintain the three-dimensional effect of the shibori, please keep it away from moisture.

item no.
BK Black x White: SC548500BK
600 Gray x Ivory: SC54850600
512 Blue: SC54850512
292 Green x Blue: SC54850292
417 Black: SC54850417
85 Purple: SC54850085