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LRSV 13 Pink
PGD Purple Gold
RGD 16 Red
CDG 1 Pure Gold
GD1 9 Gold
BRGD 7 Brown Gold
BSV 3S Blue Silver
BGD 3 Blue Gold
GGD 10 Green
CSV 6 Pure Silver
BKSV 12 Black Silver
BPGD Blue Gold
CBK 15 Black
LBRSV Platinum Silver
SBSV Silver Blue
LPSV Purple

A cute bag of a size that fits a bi-fold wallet and a cell phone. Available in shiny metallic material. The point is that the fabric has elasticity and the shape does not easily collapse. Compact size that fits in the palm of your hand when you don't put anything in it. It is a versatile bag that can be used for a little outing, combined with a normal size Petit Bag, or put in a PVC bag. Not only for yourself, but also for gifts.

Also, because it is made of polyester, it is a nice point to be able to wash it with water. (The color on the screen and the color of the actual product may be slightly different)

Material: Polyester 100%

Size: 8 cm W x 11 cm H 
Size (maximum): 18 cm W x 18 cm H

Designed and dyed in Japan, and shibori processed in China.

*Machine washable using a laundry mesh bag; To prevent stretching the Shibori texture, hang dry in the mesh bag or dry flat.
*Colors on the screen and the actual product may differ slightly.
*Size specifications are based on measurements taken with nothing in the bag. They may vary slightly depending on the material and the type of shibori process.

Product ID:
LRSV 13 Pink : AB5963LRSV
PGD Purple Gold : AB59630PGD
RGD 16 Red : AB59630RGD
CGD 1 Pure Gold : AB59630CGD
BRGD 7 Brown Gold : AB5963BRGD
BSV 3S Blue Silver : AB59630BSV
BGD 3 Blue Gold : AB59630BGD
GGD 10 Green : AB59630GGD 
CSV 6 Pure Silver : AB59630CSV
BKSV 12 Black Silver : AB5963BKSV
BPGD Blue Gold : AB5963BPGD
CBK 15 Black : AB59630CBK 

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Yuko Shu
I wasn’t huge fan on puku puku but

I was never a huge fan of puku puku, I’m more of regular shibori fan but one of the colour caught my eye at the store and I ended up buyout! It’s stiffer than other mini mini because of foil finish.



翔子 平野