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Our best-selling petite bag series with the unique design.

The bag made of polyester satin sewn in a circle is very elastic, and it is very compact and convenient to carry when it is not stored, but it can be expanded to A4 size. It is a versatile bag that can be used not only as a main bag, but also as a sub-bag and in a PVC bag. These bags are perfect for gifting. 

"Petit Bag" are medium size and extend to A4 size. The spiky Bai shibori is the standard texture.

The "Puku-Puku" series of round Miura shibori have also been added.

We have many colors and patterns, so please enjoy collecting them.

Even if the desired product is "out of stock" online, it may be available at our stores. Please inquire about it with a store of your choice.