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2152 White x Black
2153 Beige x Black
2154 Red x Purple
2155 Purple x Green
2156 Light Blue x Brown
2157 Yellow x Black

 It is a unique cardigan with moderately open tie-dye ruggedness. When it is not worn, it's tiny. But when you put your arm through the soft sleeves, you find it incredibly stretchy.

Each piece is made with soft polyester chiffon fabric with a print of a checkered pattern of large and small squares in a banded way, creating depth. Spiky bai-shibori is applied all over. The repetition of large and small squares and the shading of the unevenness of the shibori overlap make a very delicate appearance.

The care is easy; Machine-washable, placed in a laundry net. 

Polyester 100%

One size fits all

Design and Dyeing: In Japan / Shibori Processing: In China

* For detailed care, please refer to the washing label attached to the product.

Item No.
2152 White x Black : AP63182152
2153 Beige x Black : AP63182153
2154 Red x Purple : AP63182154
2155 Purple x Green : AP63182155
2156 Light Blue x Brown :AP63182156
2157 Yellow x Black : AP63182157

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