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2049 Beige x Black Dots
2048 Black x White Dots
2050 Gray x White Dots
2051 Beige x White Dots
2052 Blue x White Dots
2053 Red x White Dots
2054 Dark Brown x Sky Blue Dots

What are all the small spikes? Try this incredibly stretchy and soft, unique short-sleeved top made of polyester chiffon, and enjoy the cute dots pattern and the texture of shibori. You can choose from a wide variety of colors to suit your taste.

Material: 100% Polyester

Size: One size
Width: approx. 16 cm
Maximum body width: approx. 55 cm
Length: approx. 30cm
Maximum length: approx. 80 cm
Sleeve length: approx. 5 cm
Maximum sleeve length: approx. 24cm

Design, dyeing: Japan
Shibori: China

*The best washing method is a hand or machine wash using a laundry mesh bag. Put the garment in the wash bag, tie it with a washable string or a ribbon, and wash it using a neutral detergent. Don't wash it with other colors. Steam ironing only without contacting the fabric.
*Due to the nature of Shibori, the colors of each piece vary, and the colors on the screen and the actual product's colors may be slightly different.

Product ID:
2049 Beige x Black Dots: AP62202049
2048 Black x White Dots: AP62202048
2050 Gray x White Dots: AP62202050
2051 Beige x White Dots: AP62202051
2052 Blue x White Dots: AP62202052
2053 Red x White Dots: AP62202053
2054 Dark Brown x Sky Blue Dots: AP62202054